NEW ABI-QT offers you the right test for the right diagnosis.

Improve patient outcomes and grow your practice with ABI-QT.

The ABI-QT gives you fast, accurate results in just 1 minute! It is easy to use and portable.

PAD evaluation helps more patients than screening for colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer!

That's where our new and easy test for PAD comes in. The ABI-Q exam from Newman Medical is an accurate test based on the common PVR test used in vascular labs for decades but improved by providing a quantitative result rather than requiring qualitative waveform assessment.

The product: the ABI-QT

We have upgraded the standard Newman Medical ABI-Q with a touch-screen tablet instead of a desk laptop:

  • Easier to use - touch screen simplifies exam.
  • Easily carry from room to room.
  • More portable, easier to use than laptop touch pad.
  • Smaller, compact system allows for easy storage.

How it Works:

The ABI-QT test is based on the PVR (Pulse Volume Recording). This is a recording of pulse waveforms in the extremity created by small pressure changes in a blood pressure cuff encircling the limb. The advantages of the PVR include:

  • Much easier and faster procedure
  • No vascular anatomy knowledge or Doppler probe placement skills required
  • Not affected by incompressible arteries (especially important for many diabetics)
  • Not affected by temperature
  • Not affected by ambient light
  • Not affected by skin pigmentation

  • PVR testing has many advantages. Decades of clinical studies support PVR results. It has been used in vascular laboratories as part of the diagnosis of PAD for more than 30 years.

The cost effective ABI-QT system includes

Tablet with proprietary ABI-QT software installed
Simple Aneroid
2 EZ-Clean vascular cuffs
User's Manual & procedure guide